A bespoke online platform built for companies and sub-contractors.

Our online portal and mobile app is built for the use of businesses and their sub-contractors. The portal allows sub-contractors to share information, such as accounts information, personal details, and sales invoice information, along with their availability and the ability to register a substitute for their business.

We have a proven track record of working with large scale companies and their sub-contractors in the UK and this system and new service package can provide necessary and important business training, business support and financial procedures support, such as raising invoices, accounting, contract renewal and availability interactive calendar.

Main Features of the Admin Aid Portal:

  • Online portal for sub-contractors, managers and our admin team.
  • Sharing documents from us to sub-contractors, such as invoices and contracts.
  • Sharing documents from the sub-contractors to us, such as accounting information.
  • Availability calendar, for sub-contractors to mark days they are available and unavailable.
  • Information gathering database, for sub-contractors to regularly update and maintain information.
  • Ability for sub-contractors to register a substitute and provide the substitute details.

Support for Sub-contractors:

  • Registration for self-employment for all sub-contractors, including limited company set up.
  • Raising regular invoices on behalf of self-employed sub-contractors.
  • Managing contracts for sub-contractors, including contract renewal every 9 months.
  • Liaising with HMRC on behalf of sub-contractor.
  • Business Support for sub-contractors regarding tax advice and business advice and training.
  • Completing book keeping, accounts and annual self-assessments for sub-contractors.
  • Ensuring sub-contractors have a good understanding of self-employment, including liaison with an accountant if required.

Support for your business:

  • Putting compliance procedures in place for your business and your sub-contractors.
  • Managing contracts and service agreements for all sub-contractors including renewals every 9 months.
  • Creating robust data records to record data, analysis of information and multiple checking procedures to ensure the data recorded is accurate.
  • Being first point of contact for customers and suppliers, employees and sub-contractors with queries, questions or who may require help or training.
  • Producing an analysis of payments for sub-contractors regularly including bank details and details of all monies due.
  • Creating and maintaining all template documents, making changes when necessary and ensuring all functions and formulae work correctly.
  • Providing a landline number for your company which will enable efficient liaison with customers and suppliers. Calls will be answered Monday to Friday 9.00am until 5.00pm excluding bank holidays, although all administration work can be continuous throughout the year with no interruption.

Service Package Add-Ons…

Other areas where we can support your business include:

  • Business Compliance Audit
    We can examine your current procedures and provide a report to outline areas for improvement for compliance with current legislation.
  • Credit Control and Aged Debt Management
    We can contact your debtors as regularly as you wish with diary systems used so we can keep track of all contact made and received. Our team are extremely experienced in regularly chasing outstanding invoices to decrease your amount of aged debt.
  • Virtual Accounts and Administration Office
    Make your business larger by opening a virtual accounts and administration office. Our business becomes part of yours with every contract we have.
  • Business Efficiency Audit
    Review procedures and processes and advising of efficiencies in many areas, including finance, procedures and training.
  • Insurance Services


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